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Registered Office:

Charagh Din

64, Wodehouse Road,
Colaba, Mumbai - 400 005
Tel.: 91-22-22181375, 91-22-6152-2300
Fax: 91-22-22187870
Open 365 days a year
10 am to 8:30 pm.

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CHARAGH DIN: The Ultimate Destination for Shopping Exclusive Shirts and T-shirts in India

If you would like to experience the best of buying Top Quality Shirts and T-Shirts for men, in India, you are at the right place.

How it all Happened

Charagh Din, originally New Lord & Company, began in the year 1947. A couple of years later, this small tailoring shop was bought over by our enterprising founder Mr Arjan Daswani. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Within a short span of time, Mr. Daswani's vision and determination transformed the miniature boutique into a mega shirt store that today is one of the few established names in the Indian fashion community. Charagh Din is also famous for attracting celebrities from all over. Walk into the store and you gasp - it stretches across four floors and an area of 10,000 sq.ft.

Philosophy and a Fixation for QUALITY

At Charagh Din, we believe that success lies not in just meeting demands but above all, in innovating relentlessly. As a result, we've learnt to grow along with our customers. Setting trends and keeping in touch with the latest in local and international fashion.

Needless to say then, we automatically satisfy the strictest of quality checks and the most discerning of customers, alike. Charagh Din is truly a brand that's created out of pure love, and great passion. We work 365 days a year, reckoning each day as an opportunity. A test of our commitment to quality - the ultimate performance parameter for business success.

What does Wearing CHARAGH DIN Mean

The CD logo has come to mean sophistication, good taste and a very special identity for years now. By remaining exclusive, the brand has been able to acquire an unquestionable reputation for quality and precision. Ask any of our 500,000 satisfied customers and they would readily approve of our claim to being the last word in style as well as craftsmanship.

Charagh Din brought Indian men's tailor craftsmanship to international acclaim. Our customer list comprises some of the worlds most demanding and distinguished men-the likes of Mr Ram Jethmalani & Mr.Farooq Abdulla. They know that the feeling one gets wearing a ready-made shirt goes beyond mere comfort.

It has the flavour of self-assurance. It has the tinge of power.They have been coming to us for a very long time from our first & only shop on Wodehouse Road in Bombay in 1955. They want only one thing: a shirt that fits.

The range

At any given point the store offers 25,000 unique shirts. Tall claim? But it's true. All these shirts are available under one roof, and now also on a single website - www.charaghdin.com. The store takes great pride in its dedicated team of four designers producing 100 styles a day, of which, only 20 to 25 creations make the grade. The offering includes casual wear, business shirts, party wear, t- shirts, slim fit shirts, a designer range, Ditto short shirts and Itutu cool tees. A vibrant mixture of stylish office wear shirts to even the funkiest of designer wear for parties. Teeny hoods, flaps, odd buttons, pockets and a whole lot more.

Know my shirt size

With years of experience in male grooming, we at Charagh Din have realized that a shirt needs to be generously cut to fit you just right. Which is why our sizes are actually a little bigger than most shirts you would find elsewhere. Be rest assured though that the comfort of our fits are the best on the world. Please find a link to our size chart on the page of each product.

Gift a shirt

Sure you can! After you have chosen the right shirt for that special someone and you are filling up delivery details, please remember to give us the shipping address of the recipient of the gift. Also do select the "Gift Wrap" option so that we can we can wrap the gift and ship it off to the person in question. You may also add a personalised note if you like

Avail my free bonanza shirt

The Bonanza card is an exclusive facility for Charagh Din customers which gets them more shirt per shirt. For every 15 Charagh Din shirts that you buy you get one shirt of the average price absolutely free! What's more - it doesn't matter whether you buy these from the online shop or the Charagh Din store on Wodehouse Road, Mumbai, they all add up!! For customers who are already bonanza cardholders, all you need to do is login to the site at My CD and you can check the status of your bonanza card. All your earlier purchases are already up on the site. So sitting in Africa, Kerala or Mumbai you can see how many shirts you have remaining to get your free shirt

Track my shirt order

You may log in to the website and navigate to your 'My Account' page to see all your order details. Alternatively, you may go to the link provided in the order confirmation email to check the status of that individual order.

Return a shirt

Any shirt delivered within India if returned within 7 days and any shirt delivered outside of India if returned within 15 days will be exchanged. Courier charges will apply.

Cancel my order

You can cancel an order at any point of time. If you cancel an order before the product is shipped then the refund process would start immediately. But if you cancel the product once the product is shipped, then the 'Return Policy' applies. If you are a registered user, then to cancel an order, please go to 'My Orders' tab on 'My Account' page and hit cancel button as shown below. If you ordered as a 'Guest' user, call our customer service team for assistance on +91-22-2218 1375.

Get delivery information

Within India you will receive your parcel inside of 72 hours of ordering. If the location is remote it may take up to 15 days. Deliveries outside of India will be made within 15 days of ordering.