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it has been years that I want to buy CD shirts but never had a chance to visit Mumbai, now some of friends are coming over, want to order through them

Hardeep Singh , Govt job overseas

Hi I am wearing this 30 years old shirt which belongs to my late father , thanks CD for making such a good quality products which lasts for generations. I tried attaching the photo but couldn't work but anyways thanks , I will visit your branch whenever I am in Mumbai.

Hasham Sameja  , Engineer

I have been using CD since last 30 years.


While i was staying in Mumbai during early 90's, my uncle was a big fan of CD Shirts and since that time onwards I am also using CD shits. Before I used to order online but now a days on my way to my home state kerala I used to stay one day in Mumbai to buy CD shirts. I like CD shirts that much, its fabric is fantastic

Mathew Varghese , Business

I have been using CD for the past 15 years but the fabric quality has not deteriorated till date.

JAYESH , Businessmen

It must be quite nostalgic to reminisce about wearing Charagh Din shirts for such a significant period. Over 15 years, those shirts likely witnessed countless memories and experiences, becoming a part of my personal journey. Each shirt may hold its own story, whether it be worn during special occasions, daily routines, or adventures. The familiarity and comfort of wearing a brand trust for so long can indeed evoke a sense of nostalgia and loyalty.

Balu C P , CEO - Manappuram Jewellers LTD

Since I have tried CD shirts for the first time, I am not using any other brand since last 20 years. CD has become my recognition in the society i move in.


On wearing Charugh Din shirt in opening of Grindlays Bank in Coimbatore, the chief guest of the morning Solaman Bappaiya inquired that from me " where from you got this shirt? I was prouud wearing a blue striped shirt with white lines from Churug Din Mumbai


very old customer since 1978.purchased boys ,gents , shirt from your colaba showroom also time to time purchased when i visit MUMBAI.

saquib md. lari , business


Sujeet Kumar Singh , Service

I am also a old satisfied customer of Chiragdin and have bought many shirts. Visited Mumbai showroom and bought products online many a times.

Jose Ansal , Business

I am also a old satisfied customer of Chiragdin and have bought many shirts from them when is use to visit Mumbai and just place a order online

Rajendra Kumar , Accountant

I am an old and satisfied customer of Charaghdin. I purchased my first CD shirt back in early 20s when visited Mumbai for work. Almost 20+ years since then and I can say that the quality of CD shirts are unmatched till date. No other brand stands close to CD. I am very impressed with the fact that there has been no compromise with the quality of the product howsoever. Always crisp and stylish to wear. Looking forward to continue shopping from Charaghdin. Keep up the good work! Thanks.


I am an old and satisfied customer of Charaghdin. I purchased my first CD shirt back in early 20s when visited Mumbai for work. Almost 20+ years since then and I can say that the quality of CD shirts are unmatched till date. No other brand stands close to CD. I am very impressed with the fact that there has been no compromise with the quality of the product howsoever. Always crisp and stylish to wear. Looking forward to continue shopping from Charaghdin. Keep up the good work! Thanks.

Abhay Thakur , Businessman

I am an old customer of yours since 1985.

RAJ PAUL VARMA , Army Officer

Experiencing wearing CD shirt makes you feel proud on yourself with the quality / style and the cut.

freddy maneckji , marketing professional

my fovourite place i like CD

Rahuman Azeez , Busnessman

I have been using Charagh Din shirts since 1991. Its very good and different than others.

Harsh Verma 

good quality shirts

Harsh Verma , marketing

I like CD shirts


Very Helpful and customer friendly

Shailendera Uppal 

My CD check shirt check mated all my other shirts.

Pradeep Ramachandran , Logistics field

I am your old satisfied customer wearing CD shirts from last 35 years since my college time and completing age of 62 yrs in coming November receiving birthday wishes card every year on 25th Nov.

Dr.Rajendra Singh Khanuja , Doctor

Today I Recieved my shipment nd checked the fittings which was in real utmost perfect,in real I liked it .. thanks CD ..

Mohammad Aamir , Buisness

God bless you

Sabu Philip , Teacher

My favourite shirt ever

PHILIPKP  , Business

Well, it's like a dream come true to have a CD short in your wardrobe. No doubt about the quality, but I think the regular business shirts are a bit towards the looser side despite getting one size shorter. But it was an online experience, will visit the store once I arrive in Bombay next.

Himanshu Singh , Banker

I like CD shirts

Philip Samuel , Business

style, fabric and Brand equity thats CD

vishal sharma , manager HR

Charagh Din have produced the best collection of casual shirts and T shirts that, I posess. Superior quality clothing delivering superior experience.

Saurabh Shrivastava , Architect

CD Shirts are the best collection of shirts that I possess.. stylish.. comfortable.. durable.. have been flaunting them for over 30 years.. gifted a few too.. always a pleasure to visit their showroom in Colaba.. superb service..

David Hyams , Economics

i dont go after brands but just check the quality and buy but CD shirts are something i can trust blindly as i still use which are 15+ years old. their 100percent cotton products are excellent for the tropical climate. their weaving machines i believe is so excellent that its hard to believe that its just cotton because of the smooth finish. i dont fancy buying cloths much but whenever i visit colaba or even as far as kalyan, i do visit cd showroom. pls keep up the good work.

ranjit , faculty

High quality material used for shirt stitching, a wide range of collections, highly recommended.

Rafeek , Business

CD shirts are regarded as the top premium brands. I would love to wear CD.


I like CD shirts

EJAZ PASHA , Engineer

Though my father got a suit stiched by new lord tailoring but the first cd shirt i wore was a white shirt bought for my interview of ts rajendra by my mother in 1977.Then onwards till today only cd and no other-now 44 years.

Rajesh Prasad Misra , IAS

Really appreciate the quality of the products & Very good stashing...

Arif Ali 

Like CD shirt very much

P N Vasudevan , Business

CD shirts never age. Looks new all the time. It is part of my style for over 25 years

Ravishankar Kalyanasundaram , Chartered Accountant

The shirts I bought 10 years ago still look new. Amazing quality..terrific appeal

Ravishankar Kalyanasundaram , Chartered Accountant

I started using CD shirts in 2012 while at Mumbai. Earlier I had bought a CD shirt way back in the 90s but somehow did not follow it up. Now I shop on for CD shirts. I stay at Kochi Kerala and get my shirts online. Good quality, perfect stitching, prompt delivery by courier. Don't feel the need to look at any other brand.

Capt KV Radhakrishnan , Retired Officer

The name Charagh Din rings in my ears when ever I visit Mumbai. The height of nostalgia moments is inexplicable. I used to buy so many shirts whose quality is too gud. God Bless the team. Thanks.

M N Mukesh Kumar , Medical - Sales

During late 80s whenever I visit India my only shirts was CD.After so many years I found it again .Is your Colaba shop still exists. only go for fine fabric

KunalBhattacharya , Engineer

I am 68 but have the most nostalgic memories of Chiragdin Partywere shirts I used to buy every time i used to visit Bombay Its uniqueness , style, fabric and Brand equity was worth cost in those days

Dhiren Vyas , Marketing Manager

i am using your brand since1980.than i was28 years old.iwas wearing size i am wearing 44size and my age is 70.

mahendra shroff , advocate

I have not used any other brand shirts since 1998 other than CD.

GAJANAN KHOT , Chartered Accountant

I have been buying shirts since 1980 and I still buy them as they are unique and last long.


Very nice shirts


CD shirt are unique

Bhanu Pratap Singh , Retired

CD shirts are unique . I wear since 1987 . very nice and comfortable fittings

Mohan Sonyy , Assistant commissioner GST

I really appreciate the quality of product. very satisfied with material i bought. fabric is in light weight and soft to wear.


CD Sincerely appreciate the excellent and marvelous services of your team . Right from placement of order and until its delivered to my place I was informed. I never thought will receive the pack in within 2 days from BOM to CJB and it is done as committed. Special thanks to Mr Sunil who coordinate it very well and executed. Hats off to your service and Keep up your good work.


At the outset: THANX for sending my B'day Wishes. I am your Customer since over 25 years. Shall LOVE to place more order. HOPE: My 39 size is still valid. Thank You CD.


extra ordinary service excellent service

mukund shah uk , accountant

i have known cd shirts more than 25 favorite shop mukund shah uk

Mukund Shah , accountant

Hardcore fan of CD formany years, A must thing in every Mumbi trip- Shop @ CD. unique designs, perfect size, Amazing quality

mohamed najeeb , managing director

The first thing I do everytime I land in India is order in a set of CD shirts which I sorely miss when abroad. Thanks to the website which is very hassle free, CD has never been far away although I miss shopping physically at their store in Mumbai. Great collection. Great tailoring. Keep it up!

Nahaz , Diplomat

u have good collection

devrath kushwah , business

I m a very oid customer of your brands and still prefer your garments...


The finest shirts ever. I had bought the shirt to gift my in law. It was from him I heard about CD shirts. But the moment i saw the packing i fell in love with it. When I saw the shirt I was like wow. Amazing tailored fit type and a very good quality shirt. After which i ordered more shirts.

Simon , Business

Congratulations Charaghdin🙏 Keep going with our reputation 💐

Radhakrishnan Nair , Government officials

my first expreience in the year 1994 that is continuing...


Dear Sir I like your shirts.. longtime back I took shirts from your coloba shops. It's very good and show me very high from my fellow staff... The shirts life span is very long...

John Kennedy J , Govt servant

It was a luxury to buy and wear CD Shirts. I bought CD brand for my office and also shirts for my marriage. They were top quality and excellent shirts.

Jayant Mehta , Engineer

Thank you charaghdin and Mr Jagdish . They sent the parcel in two days during lockdown as I requested them saying it was a gift for a very special occasion as usual the shirts were amazing thank u

Gayatri Varma 

I like cd shirts from my teenage

Mohammed Zakir  , Govt. Contractor

My father was a huge fan of CD shirts and I used to accompany him to the CD store in Colaba during my childhood days whenever he went shopping. These were the good old days of no cell phones ringing continuously in one's pocket. My dad used to spend hours browsing for his choice of colours. In those good old days of the 80s and 90s, there were three brands to reckon with - CD, IN STYLE and Benzer. No Arrow, no Louise Philippe, no Van Heusen. None of these soul-less run of the mill foreign brands. After my father's demise in the year 2011, I inherited more than 25 CD shirts. My dad loved coloured shirts and despite our shirt size being the same, I did not wear his shirts as (a) it brought back memories of the times I spent with my dad and it was and never will be easy for me to accept that he is forever gone AND (b) I am not a man of colours. Finally one day i had to go for a party. Decided to finally but reluctantly wear my dad's favourite CD party shirt. Received many praises from my friends at the party saying the shirt was SUPER RETRO. I now regularly wear all my dad's CD shirts and love the feel. The feel of the fabric of my father's oldest shirt is as good as new even today despite the passage of time and despite so much wear and tear. A big salute to CD. Really, Hats off!!! I decided to finally order my own CD shirt today the 27th of June, 2020 through your website. It brought back many good old childhood memories. To sum it up - CD SHIRTS are shirts with a soul. I have travelled extensively, worn the best of world famous brands. Nothing beats CD. Home is home and nothing feels better than home. Times may come and go. Years may pass. But certain things in life remain forever eternal, CD shirts being one of them. Best wishes always to CD and it's team. And thank you again for rekindling beautiful memories of the wonderful times I spent with my dad at your CD store. Pure Nostalgia and Sheer Joy!!

Sharath Pai , Lawyer

I have been wearing CD shirts since 1987!! It has its aura and brand !!

Ravi , Service

I am a regular user of CD shirts since 1990.The quality and fitment is excellent.

James Varkey , Retd Engineer

I like to wear CD shirts from my childhood

Sunil , Shipping manager

I have started CD ,since 1984, I usually do an annual purchase, since I live in kerela. The quality of the shirts is absolutely good,since it is the of the best fabric . Moreover, very hot, and sexy designs are created for all types of individuals.

Jacob luke , Rtd Banker

CD has always combined the classical contours and perfect fit with modern outlook....instantly makes the wearer stand out!

KANG B. , CEO, Law Access Worldwide

I love CD shirts since 1995

Rakesh Bhargava  , Civil Engineer

I like Cd shirts

Shajimon , Driver.ksrtc

I love cd shirts

Rajeev Kumar , Advocate

I like CD shirts

jayachandran B , Business

I like very much CD shirt and correct fitting.

Ashraf Konari , Business

I like Cd shirt

Ashraf Konari , Business

Big fan of Cd

Chandra Gopal , Retired

I like cd sherts

Muhammed musthafa , Gulf



Good fitting

gopikrishnan kavilmatam , Finance manager

Unmatched quality, awesome designs and full paisa wasool fabrics and colours. I am using CD'S shirts since last 25 years and am fan of it.


I love CD shirts

Noufal Assootty  , Business

I had heard about Cd from my Dad's friend when i was just 14 and his shirts were always exclusive and stylish, i always wanted to buy one but could not afford it then , got my first shirt in 2000 when i started earning quite a expensive one to start off with fell in love with CD, somehow could not come back for the brand due to work commitments and change of locations but on 2015 started visiting them again and now a regular online or through the shop, Amazing quality and premium feel with the hint of having a customized looks as only limited no of shirts are available per style is a good feeling.

Tanmay  , Service

Awesome designs

Noorudheen Hassan , Owen work

i like cd shirts

p g gopalakrishnan , retired bank employee

quality is any time superb

Rajvinder  , Retail



I m highly fascinated by CD shirts

Isaac V A , Teacher

I like charaghdin Shirts

S S JEEVAN , Advocate

Cd shirts I have been wearing since 1968 ie for last 50 years I just dont wear any other brans.Just so exclusive

Sunil Chadha , Chartered Accountant

i like cd shirts


Thanks to chirag din becuz i am using a shirt since 1989. I think it is the best fabrics & stching product in my corporate vision

A kumar , Govt. Con

Am fan of CD

Abdul Raheem , Secretory

wearing since1983 good stuff

Tkviswanathan Krishnan , RtdGovtservent


Govindarajan Ramakrishnan , Administrator in a Private hospital


Ram , Services

I have been to Mumbai 4 times since the late 1980’s and fell in love with CD shirts first time.I always headed there first each time I was there I have also bought on line since and they are always perfect, in fact I still have all of them. The delivery from on line purchases was 2 days better than most home deliveries. Bryan Davies - England

Bryan Davies , Retired

Fan of cd

Mujeeb  , Business

Our Dream Brand

Basheer kanissan , Supervisor

I have CD shirts in different ranges it is best quality shirts no match for it. I am planning visit your store in Jan-20

Venugopal , Government servant

Iam dr zafer javid from Hyderabad I went to many countries and seen differant types of shirts but I think charagdin shirts are best and there salesperson are also cooperative and very good iam thanking all the salespersons who helped me in selecting the shirts

Zaferjavid  , Doctor

Iam wearing Cdshirts more than 9years

Sreekumar Bhaskaran , Real estate Dealer

I bought my 1st CD shirt ,in 1990 Believe till today I m wearing the same Sky Blue with Black embroidery except 3/4 years when I put some weight I was not wear it but CD Inspired me to loose weight and I wear the CD shirt again after a long gap . mostly I wear it in one day in every month about 200 times I wear the CD shirt now it is ready to go as my Historical Clothes . Really it's amazing experience with Charagh Din SHIRT Thanks a lot n Salute to the Lovely, smithing clothing Brand

Narender Chawla , Business

I like your design patterns

Venkatesan , Business

My relation with CD is very interesting. Fell in love in 1989 while I saw the advertisement of CD in Frontline Magazine with no capacity to buy from my own pocket. First bought CD shirt in? 2008 when I & my friend went Mumbai for a training, it was another intersting story-- after the training session on the way to VT station I told the cab driver only the name of CD, couldn't say the address at all. The cab driver did not understand no language except only Marathi. He was asking me so many questions in Marathi language & I replied in Hindi & English that I wanted to go CD shop. Ultimately he managed to reach the CD shop, after that it was like a cinematic scene as if a hero met his lover after a long duration. I bought it first and made my wish fulfilled. CD shirt is worthy in every aspect. It's really fabulous. I love CD & wearing since 2008.

Dr. Bibekananda Bera , Doctor

Thanks to chirag din becuz i am using a shirt since 1999. I think it is the best product in my life

Shyamal , Merchant navy

Fan of CD shirts

Rajeev Kumar , Advocate

Love wearing CD Shirts unique

Joaquim Antao , Engineer

Good and perfect quality cloth and stiching

Beeran koyissan , Business

I am very fond of CD shirtz

MUTHUSSAMY D , Civil Engineer

I love CD shirts since 70s

Prasad Palakodety , Construction

Extra ordinary shirts

Rakesh , Business

I am a CD shirt fan.

Babu V R , Government Servant

wonderful shirts unique dessign ,best in the industries

prathapbhaskaran , cashew agent

Feel proud wid CD shirts

Ankit bafna,Nimach , Agri commodities broker

good shirts


Beautiful shirts, Unique, super craft and design. The best shirts ,One can buy

Dr.Sreejayan MP , Doctor - Surgeon

Well crafted,super design,one of its kind,the best shirt money can buy

Dr jacob mathew  , Veterinarian

Finest shirts in quality of clothes, stitching and style. moneys worth guaranteed. Fell in love instantly. but if you are 46 size by slimfit 44, if u are 45, buy regular 44.

naagesh , techno administrator

Want to see more shirts

Sanil Kumar , Government employee

I love cd

Sudhir , Superintendent

I like cd shirts

Ushadevi , Govt service pensioner

Too smooth to wear. I love it

Rejeesh P R , Government

I like cd shirts very much

Asokakumar p , Bank Executive

I've never seen better service and product quality in this price range with any other brand. Charagh Din is perfect in every way. Proud to be wearing this tradition. From now onwards, Charagh Din ONLY.

Vijay Madhu , IBM Business Analyst

I like CD shirts

Biju Ks , Advocate

best shirts


Fantastic & beautiful designed


The first shirt purchased in 1979,when I was studying in Mumbai.really I liked it.great

Babu Paul , Bussiness

I love CD shirts

Navneet Kour  , Teacher

I am a regular client of yours

N Sivasankaran , Banker

Best shirts

Syed , Business

Wearing proudly CD shirts since 1985

Vasant Trivedi , Doctor

excellent product I like it

shinu , army

I'm a regular client of CD

N Sivasankaran , Banker

superb variety

rohita , buisness

C D no doubt it is great

abdul azeez allippara , business

Quality material pattern which i wear from charag din never seen on any other person best in rest

Rohan S Kothawade , Bussiness

Class Apart .. All you need I one buy then one will fall in love with CD shirts

Dr Kumar Shetty , Spine surgeon

Superb shirts

Ritesh , Buisness self employed

Nice shirts to see in cd

Mohammed Meraj Mirza  , Business

At last I found my dream brand ! Indeed it makes a difference. Fine crafting and unique blended garments. Long live 'CD' ...

Sanoj K P , Government official

I love the products ~ high quality shirts. I had to exchange one, and the customer service was outstanding! My new favorite place to shop for gifts! Thanks so much!


It is a privilege and honour of wearing CD shirts . Thanks for online shopping.

Gurnam Singh , Builder and developers

Settled in Abu Dhabi since 2003. Still every time I'm visiting Colaba whole family trip to CD is must do. GREAT AND PERFECT FIT FOR SLIM EFFECT AND PERSONALITY. People, even foreigners in Abu Dhabi are commenting my complete outfit. A CD man knows his look, knows the confidence, and walks the WALK.

Raju chauhan , Business

My friends gave me a CD shirt for my birthday. My wife told me to wear it to my board meeting but I was little bit hesitant because CD shirts can look like over confident personality but still I wore it and I can truly say that I signed the deal because of my CD attire. Since then I have been wearing Cd shirts for 63 years and counting. They have great fit and good for covering middle age paunch. CD shirts have unique patterns to help you stand out in the crowd. Only must take care to not wear while eating curry because stains are hard to remove

Yogesh Chardosh  , Sales Marketing Manager

Hi your shirts are very nice I think we cannot get such wonderful shirt except CD in India

Mohammed Meraj Mirza  , Business



A CD man for more than 10 years


Cd shirts are perfect fit with CD peoole almost 10 years

Abdulrauf Ahmed , Self employed

Charag Din Shirts are unique in every way.The range is extensive and exclusive.Business Shirts are comfortable .Silk shirts are out of this world

Dr Debashish Sarkar , Doctor

I have been using CD Shirts from 1979. Your device is excellent

Dr Shaji Prabhakaran , Neurologist tvpm

I love cd shirts , Sales Manager

I love CD shirts

George Varghese  , Business

Really I love CD shirts


i love CD shirts


Rich look and best quality

Fasil , Bisness

I have been wearing CD shirts from year 1969 very good shirts

Palecanda Shyam , Agriculturiest

Beautiful creations love you CD


i loved cd shirts since 1986

Rajveer Arya , mqanager

Though I use various branded shirts, the most preferred one is CD. I started using this brand since early 90's. so far no complaints . It is very comfortable and a status symbol those who knows about CD., the only thing we must be careful about selecting our suitable

K V Thankacahn , Retd. Bank Official

I wear only CD shirts, the ultimate brand in India. Charagh Din Shirts are always different from other shirts. Feeling proud and happy to wear this quality product. Ditto collections are very nice and really worth.

Nazeer Vaalyath , Oilfield Professional

Awesome feeling, rich look and best quality you so much CD

Dr. Gaurav Deshmukh , Doctor

I love chiragdin

Awdhesh saxena , Service



Fitting of the shirt is owsome no other shirt fits like cd

Siddhartha Das , Marketing (AGM)

Recomend apparel and design for corporates

Alok Todi , Fashion Designer

I LOVE charagdin shirts

Arun Mehta , Business

Iam regular consumer of CD wear.They are elegant and perfect.

sivaprasad , retired Officer

I love CD

Jayesh , Finance

Wearing a cdshirt increses ones confidence particularly of those who have to interact with several people daily.

Dr.Alexander Kalappila. , College principal

Good Shirts using since 12years

Binil Pushparaj , Area Manager(Medical Distribution Firm)

I happen to be CD costumer for the past 4 decades, whenever happen to be in Bombay would go all the way from Airport to Colaba

S A Ahmed , Airline Staff ( Rtd )

I like your shirt very much.

Deepak Rawat , Service

I am a fan of CD shirts using them since 30 years.Good collection of shirts .Feels privileged wearing these shirts

SRV Sridhar , Self employed

Excellent customer service and great products!


"I LOVE CD SHIRTS, they are probably the best shirts I have ever had. I will buy all their designs when I have some extra cash…


I only wear CD shirts, since 1990, the ultimate brand in India. Worth for your money. Charagh Din Shirts are always different from other shirts. Feeling proud and happy to wear this quality product.

Nazeer Vaalyath , Oilfield Professional

one of the finest mens store for shirts, good quality, reasonable price, huge selection and excellent service........

Shams Premji , retired

Best shirts in the world

Manoharan , Bussines

CD Shirts are always different from other shirts.Wearing CD shirts since 1988,ultimate brand in India

Dr.Rajendra Singh Khanuja , Doctor

My Goan wife brought me to your store in 1992. Since then I have purchased over 60 shirts from you. I get compliments every time I wear one. Thanks for making unique shirts. Scott I live in San Francisco, California !

scott laidlaw , retired engineer

The ultimate brand in India...


CD shirts are the best shirts, I only wear CD shirts and people always ask me were did I get the shirt from ? When I say from India all I hear is WOW.

Alkarim Jivraj , Employee Advocate

I love cd shirts

Humayoon , Business

Very good collection

Deepak Agarwal , Business

I love cd shirts for the last 30 years.

Jayapal Samuel  , Manager

Using CD shirts since 1990...Wonderful feeling as ever

Kuppu Jayaraman , Business

I love chiragdin shirts and since 30 years I purchase these shirts it's nice

Ravinder pal , Business

Quality products. worth for your money.

sadanandan Banarji , Retired

I love C D shitrs

Prasanth Kumar , accountant

Best shirts in world

Dr anil , Medical doctor

Good fabric, good fitting

Bhaskar Das , Service

Charagh Din Shirts are always different from other shirts. Feeling happy to be one among those who own a CD shirt.

Amalarajan , Business

Had heard and read a lot about Chirag Din and had also browsed the site a lot of times. Visited the shop, only to find that all that i had heard and read was true. The shop has an exhaustive collection of styles and designs in all sizes. They have a garment in every budget range .The staff is extremely helpful and courteous which makes ones experience a great one. Had gone with an intent of buying a couple of shirts and ended up buying more!! Wish they had more showrooms.

Padmanabh Ramesh Dike , Service

Well this was my first visit to the showroom in Colaba during my visit to Mumbai last week.I had wanted to visit the showroom and pick a few shirts for the men in my life :) my spouse brother and close friends ! I like what I picked up . Hope they would like it too , I am yet to give them.

Mehdia Fathima  , Information technology sector

In 1986 my freind frm mumbai gifted me CDshirts it was nice nd fine qwality from that time I wear regularaly shirts Thanks to CD Peoples

Raman Arora , Bussiness

One of the best fit readymade shirts with exclusive design. I have been wearing CD shirts from past 8 years and love the design and fabric of the same ....

Mukul Taori  , Businessman

Before 25 year l purchased cd shirts. I remember the quality. After purchasing of so many brands now returns to cd

Anilkumar , Business

I heard about CD shirts.but buying first time.Very impressed about the quality, pattern and customer service.Keep it up and carry on with new innovations.

gireesh babu , govt.servant

Superb excellent amazing collection of shirts last for 40 years never compromised in quality

Kirit Ghaswala  , Textile bussinessman

From college I'm a fan of CD as I use to read Filmfare those days .Now I want to wear CD

Abdul , Business

a quality known for ages. worth every dime spend.happy that we can shop them online also

Sheena Thomas 

real good shirts worth money spent


A die hard fan of CD shirts right from my childhood

kanwal , engineer

fine designer shirts

maharaj singh , business

30 years of experience symbol of best shirts in india

Rasheed ALI , Automotive

CD shirts r beautiful

Bhumesh  , Business

Always great

Jabir m , Business

Excellent collection S....

Ambika , Engineer

CD shirts very nice

manesh , aricraft engineer

I have been ur customer helps to keep my identity.

Ahammed koya , Enterprenour

CD shirts very nice

Himesh kumar , Agent

My favourite shirt

Chris , Engineet

I remember having purchased CD shirts from the Bombay showroom way back in 2005. The quality is so good that I am still using them!


I am Abu Dhabi based since last 25 years & few months back I saw a Person in Party wearing Charagh Din Shirt & I just couldn't resist to order one CD Ditto Shirt for me & many locations I exp. people ask for a Photo with me - Very Strange & same time I feel very happy also, Excellent pc of work. Congratulations CD. I wish they open one outlet here in Dubai in future...

Surendra Lohan , Supdt Engineer Govt Of Abu Dhabi

since last 25 Yrs I am sporting CD shirts with Great Proud and Joy. On line shopping has made it easier;still I love to visit Cd shop whenever I am in Mumbai; even for short time

Dr. Ranjit Lakhani , Doctor

mecca of shirts!!

prashant malikpuria , chartered accountants

had been your customer since 1989 and wearing your shirts had been lovely experience.......visited your shop last in 90 since then online purchasing will love to visit again....

adil mushtaq , civil engineer

Excellent shirts, loving it, keep it up the quality and dedications. Zulfi

Zulfikar , Admin Mgr

CD shirts are great

sourav sarkar 

Heard about CD shirts since long and couldn't have a chance to buy it as the shop is in Mumbai only. Now it is available thru online and purchased one few months back and another one on it's way to me in Riyadh. The shirt is amazing, stitching is well done, quality product etc.. I will definitely continue to buy frequently. Faced delay from your staff for following up my payment transaction in the second purchase as I had to call many times to your office from overseas for confirming my online payment.

Manoj Kumar Thomas , Purchase Executive

Diuring 80,s my the then Boss Mr Mohan Mani once took me to your store at Mumbai...and introduced me your CD brand....After 25 yrs I fall in love with CD and belief I purchased 4 shirts with in a span of 20 days...I ,m rather obsessed....


this's my 1st purchase in CD...very much obliged with the collections and its fabrics...special mention to the service rendered...neatly packed and was delivered before the date assured...thanks...

karthick raja , student

Being extremely brand conscious, my obvious choice was a brand which stood apart from the rest. CD has been very exclusive for ages. Every time i visit Mumbai, a stop at CD is a must. CD has very exclusive collection, and their shirts last for ages. In fact, i was given a shirt by my dad which is 10 years old, and it still looks immaculate. Such is the quality of its shirts. Nothing matches the exclusivity of CD. Its was one of a kind and will always remain one of a kind brand.

Mohammed Kamran , Student

"""Very proud to wear CD shirts"""

aviansh , warehouse manager

I have been wearing CD shirts since 1981 and was regular visitor to your show room. But for long I had not visited Mumbai, therefore, was deprived of wearing CD shirts. Now that CD shirts are available online and you deliver them very quickly, I hope to buy more and more new fashioned shirts

Harsh Bansal , Business

I have been using CD shirts since more than 25 years and also avail the facility of ordering on line. the quality of material etc is well maintained but certain improvements are required in button hole workmanship because the threads of the button hole get loosened sometimes.


I wear only brand name shirts. When I was in the Middle east in the eighties, I made a stop over in Bombay(Then Bombay) on my way to Cochin only to buy shirts from the Colaba store. Now I am in USA and have to depend on online shopping since most of the flights from here are not touching Mumbai Airports.

Sam Kurisinmoottil , Sam Kurisinmoottil

I am very particular about the brands which I use. I moved from Arrow to Raymonds to VH. The first purchase of CD made me a fan of CD and I've decided to fill my wardrobe only with wear and leisure/party wear will be CD going forward.

Vinod Venugopal  , Business Manager

When ever I visit Mumbai, I visit CD show room, I am big fan of CD, Send newsletter regularly,

Sajjan Pareek - Ahmedabad , Business

I had ordered two CD shirts all the way from Chicago. My transaction went smoothly and I received my shirts within a week! Best of all, my CD shirts are have an amazing fit and incredible build quality; the fabric and stitching is outstanding. These shirts are on par with American-made and European-made apparel. Needless to say, it always feels great to wear a shirt that was hand-made in India.

Rahul G. , Physician

I purchased two set of CD Shirts in 1990s at a small store at Tezpur , Assam.Now we can get the brand on line , great.thanks for the prestigious business ware.

Shyamal Ghosh , Business

Charagh Din is my favorite brand. I reside in Delhi, but whenever, I visit Mumbai, I ensure a visit to the showroom. The fabric, style is out of the planet. My father in law introduced me to the brand around 15 years ago. Good work Charagh Din with a request to open a outlet in Delhi also.

Rajeev Bhardwaj , Government Service

I am a true lover of Chirag Din. wearing a garment available only at one store in the country.... wooow... gives confidence. i bought my first shirt from the store in the year hmmm 1982-83 since then.... CD is part of my life. Keep the One store philosphy live. Good Luck

Naveen Gupta , Businessman

last Dec., 2013 on my vacation to india, I live in Kanpur, stopped over in Mumbai for a day just to buy your shirts, bought a carton ful about 20, gifted a few to my son & son-in-law....seemed like old times, when my father used to buy his shirts from CD in the 70's....excellent service, the sales man were nice....and the coffee was good

Vinod Nair , Sr. Executive in Riyadh

Not a single store in Delhi..!! Disappointing.. for a brand with this level of exclusivity, Delhi store is Mandatory!! C'mon CD.. you cant keep Delhites deprived of your style :(

Amol , Manager- health care

I love CD shirts since 1986.I visited their store few times and the selection is outstanding.Last few years I did not get a chance to visit Bombay but now I love to see their products in online.

Abe Mathew , Business

Great stuff! Amazing collections!


Since its inception in the early 1990s, Charagh Din Shirts has been my favourite brand though initially out of my budget reach. Yet, somehow or the other I try to buy one dress from CD once in a year to be precise. Today CD is the "only brand" I prefer when I plan to buy a dress for myself and today thank God! I can easily afford to buy at least 2 T-Shirts in a month.


My Respect styLe of ChArAghdiN

AfsAr SAMs  , iNviNciBLE LANDs&RAfiq BuiLdiNGs -





Heard about CD brands alot, could not purchase. Nice to hear that now we can purchase online and I bought two shirts and already ordered two T shirts. Nice material.

Mohammed Nazeem Khan M K , Govt. Employee

Fascinated and attracted by CD in 1980s. Bought CD first from Bombay during a Company conference. Afterwards attempted to buy this brand with the help of cousins and friends in Bombay till date. Nice to hear that now we can buy online. Even the first shirt bought in 1980 is still with me and is good. Thanks for the Quality and perfect fit. Hope to be associated with you on line in future


Heard about CD brand since my childhood, could not purchase due to the limited access. Thanks to the technology. Fine site, bought two pieces recently. Hope to buy more in future. Dubai

Avinash Varughese , Manager Warehouse

Have heard lot about it..seen people wearing it but not tested till now because the CD store is in Muumbai only. Now I have ordered few shirts on line. Had tried all MNC brands. World class product...I love to wear it and would like change my brand henceforth.

Gaurav Pednekar , Software Engineer

excellent collection and quality.good fan of cd shirts


Have heard lot about it..seen people wearing it but not tested till now because the CD store is in Muumbai only. Now I have ordered few shirts on line. Had tried all MNC brands. World class product...I love to wear it and would like change my brand henceforth.

Govind Reddy , General Manager -Operations in Indian FMCG

Really nice collection with good quality. I am satisfied with your online shopping as I couldn'tget CD shirts at Nagpur. REGARDS


For last five years I have been wearing only Charaghdin shirts. Excellent fabric, perfect fitting and professional service. Well done and keep it up.

Brig Anil Gupta , Army Officer



















wearing your shirts for the last 30 years , very goods shirts Keep it up

Capt. Amar